Monday, June 2, 2008

Rosie and Alan Babin

Alan Babin was an Army combat medic who was shot in the stomach while trying to treat an injured soldier in Iraq in 2003. His mother Rosie gave up her career and plans for retirement to become Alan’s caretaker every step of the way. Now seventy surgeries later, Alan is still alive; surpassing everyone’s expectations, including his doctors who thought Alan would never survive. Rosie and Alan’s story is one of amazing courage and valor.

Rosie joins us here as a guest blogger...

Dearest Angels:

I am so very grateful that Alan continues to break all the “rules” and prove that there is still so much to be learned about recovery, rehabilitation and brain plasticity.

I am grateful that we have continued to fight for what works for Alan and not allowed him to be pigeon-holed into what the medical professionals decide is best for him.

I am grateful beyond words for all of Alan’s Angels in our lives that continue to encourage, support and provide THE BEST for Alan and his fellow wounded warriors.

I know you will enjoy the pictures of our son working on standing. Praise God for His continued healing and for shining His face upon Alan.

In the Grip of Grace,

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The Cinephile Files said...

Alan, you are an inspiration to me. I thank you for your service to our country. I will pray for your continued recovery.